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0.5 kg plates: Useless or usefull?

0.5 kg plates: Useless or usefull?

You can purchase particular dumbbell plates on your own in our shop. Or you can choose one of our dumbbell sets. You can find there very similar items - e.g. sets 2 x 10 and 2 x 11 kg. Or 2 x 15 nad 2 x 16 kg. What is the difference?

The difference is made by the item 0.5 kg which is included in 4 pcs in sets 2 x 11 kg and 2 x 16 kg. What is it good for? These 0.5 kg plates make mentioned dumbbell sets more variable.

Why is it important, especially for beginners? Let's say you want to practise shoulder lateral raises. It is necessary to begin with low weight to practise this exercise correctly, e.g. 2.5 kg. The weight of our bar is 2.3 kg, so you can start with them. As soon as you are stronger you add the weight. If you have smallest plates of the weight 1.25 kg and you add two of them onto the bar, you get the dumbbell of the weight 4.8 kg. This is great increase for this muscle part and this exercise. On the contrary, if you use two plates of 0.5 kg, you get the dumbbell of the 3.3. kg.

We believe it is important to make all exercises properly and to increase the load step by step. And that is why we assambled our dumbbell sets using higher number of low weight plates. To reach maximum variability of offered dumbbell sets.

And therefore you can find following info with each items: number of possible set variations and the weight of particular variations. Beginning with one bar only finishing with fully loaded bar.