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How I met the dumbells. And why I have them at home.

How I met the dumbells. And why I have them at home.

When I was about 40, I decided to go to the gym for the first time. For me strange and unfamilliar place. Even hostile place in my imagination; relating to my overweight, clumsiness and so on. It was necessary for me to find some guides to accompany me; I found two of them in my work. I would not have gone there without them. They had opened door to new space for me and helped me a lot. Later on I discovered a lot of friends had very similiar ideas and fears and due to that they finally did not go to the gym. From my point of view all that is useless. After some trainings spent with my friends I was able to go there on my own. And I was even brave enough to ask somebody for help. And even sometimes somebody gave me advice when they found out something was wrong.

I continued to visit the gym in Prague where I moved in, and also in Havirov after another moving. However a problem appeared: I often did not manage opening hours of the gym when I arrived later from business trip. So I started to skip the trainings and in some weeks I stopped to go there. I had two more attempts with the same course of action. So I decided to buy dumbbells for my home workout. And I started to use them regularly, especially in the winter, as complement to cycling. My finding is that if your goal is not gaining loads of kilograms of muscles, you just want to be in a good shape, it is better to workout regularly at home instead of relapsing beginnings-endings of visiting the gym. What is important to me - to have all necessary stuff at hands and visible. No hiding. Therefore my indoor rowing machine is just in front of TV in a small room, and the dumbbells are placed in stand in my livingroom. Also the push-up bars are placed there. It is impossible to miss them. And if I do not miss them, I use them regularly. In addition I can keep eye on TV series or sport programme.


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      Walter Smith
      srp 16, 2019

      My workplace has a free gym that is typically empty, however they refuse to buy a rack and a barbell, and the dumbbells only cross as much as 50 lbs. there's some machines and the rest is cardio equipment. as a person who lifted for perhaps some months about four years ago, need to Professional Essay Writers Online i take advantage of our loose gym or take a look at a ~$30-40/month club to an actual health club?

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