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2019: Workout s MyBuddy

Posted by     About company and our products      0 Comments  views (237)
MyBuddy: Testováno na lidech.

0.5 kg plates: Useless or usefull?

Posted by     Expert information      0 Comments  views (692)
Why we offer 0.5 kg plates. How we completed our dumbbell sets.

How I met the dumbells. And why I have them at home.

Posted by     Personal tips      0 Comments  views (1248)
How I entered the gym for the first time. And why I ended up with workout at home.

Me and nutrition specialists Netucni, Part IV - after 2 months

Posted by     Personal tips      4 Comments  views (2019)
My results and experience after 2 months.

MyBuddy at MeatDesign 2017

Posted by     About company and our products      1 Comments  views (39807)
About our participation at MeatDesign 2017. Not available in ENG.
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